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The company “EUROFISI” was established in (1995), part of the production of final products contains the factory which has an area of ​​(4000㎡) and with the accompanying warehouse space of (5000.). Since the idea of ​​establishing such a factory the desire of the owner has been to deal with the production and expansion of the business, and so after a long period and experience gained in the state of Austria since (1991 -1994), the owner Honorable Mr. Ismail Shallti, decided to share that experience with the ideas gained in his hometown, and start in the opening of the independent craft bar first for the production of furniture mainly from the raw material of solid wood, where the production took place of the entrance doors of private houses, kitchens and various furniture made to the last finesse with perfect details and with many responsibilities. The start of this family-started business started to function in small steps, first in the employment of three employees, where in time after an activity and successful work results, the owner continued to grow the business and follow the time trends and mobilize it.

The owner decides to take other steps of business expansion, where in (2004) I continue to pursue his desire and passion for production, he opened the second factory, which was determined to perform the functions of tire protection for cars and heavy vehicles. After a successful activity with the businesses that were already in operation, following the world and European production trends, the decision was made to continue again in the production activity, this time in the production of thermal insulation materials. In the year (2009-2010) the factory for the production of construction material is opened, much needed for thermal insulation skills, the factory for the production of styrofoam, in which it expands in increasing the number of workers up to fifteen workers. After a very successful achievement in the local market, the company aimed to expand the sales market abroad, including all countries in the region and beyond in the countries of Western Europe, after a very successful expansion in the construction market with these materials seeing the demands There is a need to expand production in the same field, and after constant consultation with the successful and hardworking staff of our company, based on the analysis of the local and regional market, the owner decides to open a factory which will be good with the production of facade nets, this concept of such an idea comes based on the fact that it is necessary and of the same family the production of such material, and is closely related to the thermal insulation materials that are already in function. Thus, the company “EuroFisi” in (2015) starts working in the new factory for the production of facade nets, increasing the number of workers to twenty, thus reaching the following capacity trends. After an extraordinary success with the factories already open in operation, the need arises to increase production, thus expanding to the opening of the third factory for the production of “XPS Expanded Polystyrene”, and employs over fifteen workers. The company already employs over one hundred employees with a high level of managerial staff and professionals in the field, always aiming to increase the number of employees and expand the company to the highest possible level in the near future.

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